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All Black Sets

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All Black Sets

All Black Sets


· Sanitary, no metallic smell, keep the original flavour / odours of food, can’t be oxidized by fruits or vegetables.
· Easy to clean, no stains, no scratches. 
· Ergonomically designed streamlined handle provides users with a comfortable and non-slip grip. 
· High durability, having longer sharpness than metal blades, no need to hone.

(There are a few basic rules to follow to keep your ceramic knives in good shape)

· Do not cut hard materials such as frozen foods or bones.
· Do not use this knife for another use scrape vegetables.
· Do not use a glass, ceramic or metal cutting board, only wooden and plastic board.
· Keep away from children. 

Packaging method:upon request
Cutting Edge Retention > 3000 mm
Initial Cutting Performance > 150 mm

All Black SetsAll Black Sets


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