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All White Sets

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All White Sets

Supermarket sets black collection popular selections for black knife sets in supermarket-retail stores.polular cleaver knife for all customer require.packaging method:upon request. fda/sgs approved food grade ceramic blade. sanitary,no metallic smell,keep the original flavour/odours of food. easy to clean,no stains,no scratches. ergonomically designed streamlined handle provides users with a comfortable and non-slip grip. packaging method:upon request. high durability,having longer sharpness than metal blades,no need to hone. bs en iso 8442-5:2004 approved. cutting edge retention>3000mm.   initial cutting performance> rust for cleaver knifecleaver knife with different colorjohnchina accepts oem/odm. choose the blade shape you like japanese series chef series cleaver series paring series. choose the blade style you like black/white/mirror-finish decal. choose the handle you like style material. Choose the packaging method you like blister gift box colour box pet box.

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